Steve Lennon darts

Steve Lennon will be making his Premier League debut this Thursday night in his home country against Peter Wright, he will playing Infront of thousands of Irish fans and he will be looking to be the first contender to win in this year’s Premier League.

Lennon, who is from Carlow, Republic Of Ireland, has enjoyed a great start to his PDC career since winning his PDC Tour Card in 2017. He has represented his country once at the PDC World Cup Of Darts alongside William O’Connor.

In 2018, he reached the final of the Dutch Darts Masters and reached the Semi-Finals of the Players Championship Finals. He also played on the big stage in Dublin, which was the World Grand Prix where he lost to Michael van Gerwen.

I caught up with Steve and this is what he had to say.

“Really looking forward to it. It’s an amazing opportunity I can’t wait to experience and be a part of it all. It will be nice to be playing in Dublin especially and I hope to get a good reception.”

“I had a good reception when I was in the city west for the Grand Prix so I hope it will be the same. I’ve always been told the atmosphere at the 3arena is phenomenal so I can’t wait to see what it will be like.”

“To be honest, Peter Wright is still one of the best players in the world. He may not be playing his best but everyone can have an off day. I do expect he will be on top form on Thursday night so I feel I will have to bring my A game if I want to get the win.

“It’s hard to know. I hope it does help me playing in my own country. City West was brilliant atmosphere so I hope it will be the same in the 3arena.”

“I am really enjoying playing the best players week in week out, there are so many tournaments week in week out that sometimes you can almost forget what’s going on around you and the standard you have to play at to keep up at this level. I think I have learned a lot and hope I can improve in the year ahead.”

“Honestly, I never really thought about the tour card as I didn’t know what to expect from Q School. I had it in my mind regardless what was going to happen at the very worst I was still going to give the Challenge Tour a good go. Obviously to win the tour card outright and get to play on the pro tour at the first year of asking was brilliant.”

“It wasn’t an idea I was expecting to be announced. {The PDC’s Nine Contenders Idea} I presumed it would have just been a 1 player replacement. It has gained a lot of attention and has many people talking about it so more publicity for darts is a good thing I guess. Who knows maybe this may be an idea that could stick for coming years.”

“I have targets I set myself but at the same time I don’t think too much about is I do tend to take each tournament as it comes anyway but going further in tournaments is a goal of mine.”

“Who knows. I haven’t really given it too much thought or tried to overthink it too much {Benefiting In The Future} I’m just going to enjoy the occasion on Thursday and do my best to get the win. Hopefully if that opens the door to more opportunities then that would be great.”

“Yeah definitely, the Development Tour has helped me alot playing on the main tour, the  Development Tour set up and how its run is so professional and is done the same way as pro tours. The standard is so good as well that it had helped me to raise my game as well.”

“I hope so. {To have an even better sesson in 2019} the best thing to do is just take each tournament as it comes and give it my best. Once I can keep improving and learning from my mistakes then I’m going in the right direction.”

You can watch Steve Lennon make his debut this Thursday night live on Sky Sports.

By Carter Guiney