Darts Mad interviews Mac Elkin

Darts Mad interviews Mac Elkin, owner of The Sportsman Management Company Ltd and manager of a large stable of professional darts players.

On the back of what can only be described as a hugely successful PDC Darts World Matchplay for the stable, Carter Guiney caught up with Mac for a quick interview for Darts Mad.

Darts Mad interviews Mac Elkin

Today Darts Mad is joined by the Sportsman Management Company manager Mac Elkin. Mac is the manager of the recent World Matchplay champion Dimitri Van den Bergh, and Semi-Finalist Glen Durrant. He recently signed up James Wade into his crew which also contains the likes of Jose de Sousa and Jermaine Wattimena.

CG: Firstly Mac, congratulations to yourself and Dimitri Van den Bergh (for winning the World Matchplay). What did his win at the weekend mean to all the team at SMC?

ME: Hi Carter, of course it was a great lift for everybody it shows the younger lads that if you work hard and your dedicated then dreams can come true.

CG: How proud are you of Dimitri and how good does it feel knowing that you have a player of his talent on your books?

ME: I am immensely proud and from the day I first met him seven years ago I knew he was a talent that’s why I signed him.

Image from Facebook Mac Elkin

CG: Do you think his win at the weekend can make him kick on now and win more TV Tournaments?

ME: Dimitri is only 26 years old, he’s a back to back world youth champion and now the world Matchplay Champion obviously he would like to go on and win more but that’s always the plan.

CG: What was your thoughts on Glen Durrant’s effort? As he went onto reach the Semi-Finals once again and was denied in the end by Dimitri.

ME: I once again thought Glen was brilliant and think it’s only a matter of time before he wins a major.

CG: You released a statement earlier this week and it was regarding Durrant coming off Facebook. What was the thinking behind this? As we know Glen loves his social media, I’m sure it must have been a tough decision, but for his own benefit.

ME: Players spend a lot of time on social media, they get abuse and people are constantly asking for free stuff so I just thought it was the right time for Glen to focus more on himself.

CG: Recently you snapped up James Wade into the team, I’m sure you must have been glad to get James as it’s a massive addition to the stable?

ME: It was a great coup for us but I have  been friends with James for years so negotiations were straight forward and his a brilliant addition to the SMC.

CG: How difficult is it to be a manager in Darts? You have full responsibility of the players, such as booking flights and hotels, making sure they are looked after. I’m sure it must be challenging but the rewards are worth it in the end.

ME: The rewards are always worth it when the players are winning but nobody sees when you have to pick a player up after a loss, most people think the life is amazing but we spend most of it on the road and in hotels , booking stuff is all part of the job that I enjoy.

CG: How have you been keeping through lockdown and have you been keeping busy?

ME: It’s been tough for everybody and hard to keep busy,I’m lucky that I still have my health unfortunately thousands of people wasn’t so lucky and that is heartbreaking.

CG: Finally, do you reckon we will see any crowd at any TV events in September/October?

ME: I’d like to say yes but if I’m honest probably not although a few sports are experimenting with small crowds at the moment so fingers crossed.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody good health and to stay safe, we will get through this together and hopefully normality will be back soon.

CG: Many thanks for your time Mac, I really appreciate it.

Carter Guiney

Featured image: PDC