Dartsmad interview with Callan Rydz

Recently Callan Rydz won the Challenge tour order of merit and as a result qualified for his PDC Tour card and a spot in the world championships at Ally Pally. This Monday will see the 21 year from Bedlington competing in the youth world championships. Carter caught up with Callan for an interview.

Dartsmad interview with Callan Rydz

Hi Callan, thanks for taking the time to chat to us here at DartsMad.

DM: The PDC World Youth Championships is coming up this week. How much are you looking forward to it?

CR: I am really looking forward to it, practice is going well and I am playing decent darts so bring it on.

DM: Do you think you can go one better than last year where you reached the Semi-Finals?

CR: Yes I am confident I can, but there are 95 other players that have worked hard for it also so it won’t be easy.

DM: You have topped the PDC Challenge Tour Order Of Merit, you have qualified for the PDC World Championships and have secured a PDC Tour Card, what does that mean to you?

CR: It means the world to me. After Q-school this year I was gutted. But this just shows you can’t just get everything handed on a plate, it takes time and practice and I have done that and am really happy.

(images credits PDC)

DM: It must have been heartbreaking at the time to miss out at Q-School as you say. But looking back on it now having picked up 2 event wins and topping the OoM, do you think just missing out at Q-school this year could be the best thing to happen career wise?

CR: Well yes and no. Obviously I would have loved to qualify at q-school and been on the tour full time this year. But I have played on the pro tour because of my Challenge tour ranking, I think I have played 10/11 events and have picked up money in 6. I’ve also grafted and practiced hard for the Challenge and Development tours gaining valuable experience so yes, longer term you could say it’s the best thing.

DM: The PDC World Championships is just 6 weeks away, has it kicked in yet that you will be making your debut at Ally Pally in front of thousands?

CR: No it really hasn’t hit it me yet, I think it will when am traveling down to London or when the draw is live on sky sports

DM: You are with a management team (Darting Promotions), how does it feel to be in the same management team as the likes of Jelle Klaasen and Luke Woodhouse?

CR: Simply amazing. To be honest I couldn’t even have tried to do this without them. They have helped me a lot in the game and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support.

DM: Do you think the standard in North East Darts getting better and better? The likes of yourself, Chris Dobey, Glen Durrant, Ryan Joyce and many more, all hail from the North East.

CR: The standard up here is amazing. The best thing about it is that there are always comps in mid week, and the local leagues which I still play in and enjoy with a great set of players

Many thanks Callan for the interview, and a big thanks to your management as well for sorting it. I wish you all the best this week in Wigan this weekend at the remaining PDC Development Tour events, and the PDC World Youth Championship on Monday. And of course good luck at Ally Pally later on in December.