Dartsmad Interview with Tony Newell

Today I am joined by Tony ‘The Bear’ Newell. Tony is a PDC Tour Card Holder and a good friend of mine, and will be playing in his first European Tour event this weekend since 2017.

DM: Firstly Tony, thanks for joining me, you will be playing in your first European Tour event of the year this weekend in Gibraltar, how much are you looking forward to getting back on the big stage again?

TN: I can’t wait, it’s where you want to be playing your darts, on stage against the best players so really looking forward to it.

DM: You will be up against Steve Beaton in the first round, how confident are you of getting through and what do you make of your chances?

TN: I sit and practice at tour events with Steve so it should be a friendly game!! He’s a great player is Steve and will be tough to beat so I’m just going up there and play my own game and hopefully take any chances that might come my way.

DM: It hasn’t been a good year for you, but what would it mean to you if you made the latter stages of the tournament potentially?

TN: Yeah it’s been a tough year but I feel like my game is coming back together so hopefully can finish strongly starting in Gibraltar, I’ve never made a Sunday at a Euro tour so that would be a great weekend for me if I could.

DM: How difficult is it being on the tour and not picking up much ranking money, with the Pro Tour being tough, how does it effect you mentally?

TN: It does get harder and harder with every loss and that makes it harder to get that next win. I kept changing equipment trying to find an answer but it wasn’t the darts it was myself so just went back to my original darts, put in the practice and it’s coming back slowly.

DM: You will most likely have to go to Q School again in January, do you expect to get through considering your great record there?

TN: If I can finish the year strongly then I see no reason why not. I think the experience I have of q school does help because it’s not just all about winning straight through, there is the points way too so sometimes just squeezing that extra win or two when things aren’t going your way can be just as important as getting straight through.

DM: Finally, what are your targets for the rest of the year?

TN: Just to have as good a run as I can and get the confidence back heading into q school, oh and maybe sneaking into the worlds!! 😜

Thank you for joining me Tony , all the best this weekend.
Thanks Carter