23 year old Canadian darts player Dawson Murschell took to Facebook with a small announcement today.

Dawson Murschell to play CDC tour in 2020

Dawson Murschell to play CDC tour in 2020

With the announcement stating his intention to play on the CDC tour in 2020, Carter immediately got on the phone to ask Dawson a few questions for Dartsmad.

Carter: With the CDC tour taking place in North America, does this mean you won’t be playing on the PDC circuit in 2020?

Dawson Murchell: I haven’t decided what I’m doing with the PDC next year yet. I just believe the CDC expansion has created a tour that I want to support now. Expanding to Canada will be great for the game and great for the tour.

Carter: What things have you learned about playing on the PDC Circuit?

Dawson Murchell: I’ve learned so many things. The biggest thing I’ve learned is how to take a punch and keeping moving forward. The PDC and the publicity that comes with it can kick you while you’re down. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but I’ve learned more about myself and what kind of player I want to be because of it.

Carter: The CDC tour takes in Canada next year as you mentioned and is expanding as a whole. How will this impact darts in North America?

Dawson Murchell: It will be great for darts. I’ve decided that I’m going to support an organization in North America that I believe is going to do the right things to grow the game. It’s a big move and I want to be a part of it.

Carter: What are your highlights so far on and off the board during your time on the PDC tour?

Dawson Murchell: Definitely off the board would be a lot of the friends I’ve made throughout the tour. You figure out pretty quick the guys you want in your corner and the guys you want to put the gloves on against. On the board would just be the moments I’ve gotten on TV and playing for my country. Those are things I will be able to tell my grand children about one day.

Carter: How long did you think about this decision?

Dawson Murchell: I’ve thought about playing the CDC for a long time. I just didn’t want to get involved in a mostly American tour that had Canadian qualifying spots associated with it. But now with Canadians being included, its game on.

Carter: Finally, you will be doing the CDC tour next year, how do you think you will feel playing on that circuit?

Dawson Murchell: The boys on the CDC are good and I expect a battle every time I step to the oche. If anything, it might help me get the feeling of getting involved in tournaments again instead of just trying to win a round or two. I think it will be easier to wrap my head around winning tournaments again because I’ve won in North America before.

Carter: Many thanks for taking the time to speak to me Dawson, here at Dartsmad we hope to see you on the PDC circuit and will be watching the CDC even more closely now.

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