Kim Huybrechts Interview! – Opening Up About Depression, And What His Aims Are This Year

I caught up with Kim Huybrechts a few weeks ago ahead of the new season. He opened up his battle with Depression, how his preparations are going for the season ahead, and refelecting on his run to the last 16 at the world’s in December. Many thanks to Kim for taking out time for the interview.

Q1. How are you Kim and how has the preparations went ahead of the new season?

I’m feeling very good! Preparations went very good! I had some good practise sessions with Mike De Decker and we were playing amazing in those sessions so i’m looking gorward to the season!

Q2. Reflecting on your great last 16 run at Ally Pally, what did that mean to you as you proved you can still mix it with the best by defeating Rob Cross on route?

It was a good run! But I still didn’t feel satisfied! My last game was a big disappointement! And I felt there was more up for the grabs. But all by all it was a good general performance!

 Q3. Do you think your run at Ally Pally will give you alot of confidence heading into this year?

Not so much the ally pally result, but just the way i’m playing gives me confidence ! I’m practising very hard and I know results will come this season!

Q4. How hard has it been for you these past few years as you have battled through alot of mental issues and personal issues, it isn’t has been easy for you?

Life hasn’t been easy on me but that is a part off life I guess. I have battled the 2 options on how you loose someone you love. My dad passed away suddenly as my mom had a 5 year during battle against cancer. I couldn’t really cope with all this and slipped into a depression.. couldn’t get myself motivated for anything and saw life in a dark side. That cost me a lot off time. But now it’s time to straighten my back and go for life again! My parents wouldn’t want me the feel unhappy and they would have kicked me up the backside!

Q5. Was there any point in your career that you thought to yourself that you would call it a day and quit playing darts when you weren’t playing well as you should be doing?

Of course! But never because I thought I wasn’t good enough! I simply couldn’t get myself going anymore to travel, to motivate myself for games, to spend nights alone in hotels and things like this.

Q6. How hard is it now to compete on the PDC Circuit, with the amount of youngsters coming through, the standard rising and its getting tougher and tougher?

I don’t think the level has ever been so high as now! And youngsters are a big reason for this! When I was a youth player I looked up to the TV players and was intimidated when I had to play them. These days the youth players play the “big names” so often they don’t even realize they are playing against the best of the best. Which makes them fearless!

Q7. What are your aims for this year, would it be qualifying for more TV tournaments such as the Matchplay, Grand Prix, European Championships and more?

Of course that’s one off the  goals this year! I want to get up the rankings and that is the best way to get there! 

Q8. Touching on Ladies Darts, firstly what did you a make of Fallon Sherrock’s run at the World’s and Lisa Ashton winning a PDC Tour Card, do you think ladies darts is in a great place at the moment?

It’s amazing for womens darts off course! Fallon’s achievement was exceptionall but I think what Lisa has done is even bigger, but it only starts now, to play a whole year on the circuit is a big mission and we will see how she will cope with! 

Q9. Sadly your brother Ronny lost his PDC Tour Card and failed to win his Tour Card back. How disappointing it for you and how much will youiss him as he basically travelled to all the PDC Events with you?

Of course I’m going to miss Ronny like hell! But unfortunately the tour will go on! And I will have to get used to it! 

Q10 Lastly, do you think Belgium Darts is in a good place at the moment, with the likes of yourself and Dimitri doing well, Mike De Decker a great talent who has won his PDC Tour Card back, and we just seen youngster Brian Raman reach the Dutch Open Men’s final?

Yeah I think we are heading in good direction, but there is still a lot to be done! Media wise and specially TV wise. 

Many thanks for taking time out Kim. Good luck for the season ahead.