Luke Humphries interview

Carter is joined by the current PDC World Youth Champion Luke Humphries for an interview for Darts Mad.

Back to back Quarter Finalist at the World Championships, Luke discusses those great runs, being World Youth Champion, lock-down and much more.

CG: How are you Luke, and how are you coping with lock-down?

LH: Yeah not to bad thank you. It’s been a difficult and testing time for the majority of people in this lockdown. But I’m ready now for the world to go back to its normal self as much as possible of course.

CG: What did you make of the PDC Home Tour, do you think it’s great what the PDC have put on for us all dart fans?

LH: I thought it was brilliant, at the start I thought it was just gunna be taking part and that was really it, but In the end I was finding myself really wanting to get further and further and gave me a bit of that competitive feeling again.

CG: What did you make of your performances, as you finished second just behind Gary Anderson in the play offs?

LH: I thought I played really well, and was very unfortunate not to get through. But people tend to like playing amazing games against me so it’s something I’m kinda use to now. Gary was awesome against me. But I was very happy the way I player throughout.

CG: You have been playing a lot of online tournaments, what is your honest opinion of it all as a whole?

LH: Yeah I have played quite a bit of them, although it’s been great fun and good to keep competitive, it’s nothing like the real thing and I don’t find myself playing as well as I would in a normal game. It has definitely helped me keep throwing.

CG: In your opinion, when do you expect the first PDC tournament to start?

LH: I expect them to start in July some time… maybe early August. The pdc will need to fall in with the government guidelines. So it’s totally up to the government to decide when we can get back playing.

CG: Do you think the PDC should just freeze the rest of the ranking system for the rest of the year?

LH: It’s a tricky one to be honest, if they do that then there would be no Q school next year as the players who just won there tour card would have to be given fairly there 2 years… on the other hand it’s messed up a lot of positions for people… some not being able to defend huge rankings money’s falling of. Whole other will not have won to much 2 years ago and will be benefiting from the scenario… it’s a tough call but if it went on for much longer I think it would be the best thing to do yeah.

CG: Looking back, having reached back to back Quarter Finals at the World Championships, how great is it knowing you can mix it with the best in the biggest tournament of all?

LH: It’s an amazing feeling to do such a great achievement. I’ve been slightly unlucky to run into 2 great performances in the quarterfinals, who knows I could of done more if not. But it just makes me more hungry to succeed and play in more majors.

CG: Regarding the Development Tour, how thankful are you to the PDC for setting this criteria up, with the rewards that came out of it for you, winning the World Youth Championship, winning a PDC Tour Card and qualifying for the worlds and going onto big things?

LH: I’m hugely thankful for the Development Tour, it’s been a huge reason as to where I am today. it turned me into a confident player and also a winner… I played some incredible tournaments  that I won looking back… and to have won 12 is just incredible and to top it off with a world youth title was just the icing on the cake for me.

CG: Last year you came out and openly said you have anxiety issues, can you please tell us how you’re coping with it?

LH: I’m 100% coping better now than I was a year / 2 years ago. I’ve learnt to deal with it more now. It’s a case of getting use to the feeling and ups and downs it brings. Although it will never fully leave me, I’m definitely more comfortable with it now.

CG: How much are you looking forward to getting back on the PDC Tour and doing some damage again?

LH: I’m really looking forward to getting back, I hope I can carry on where I left off, although I’m under no illusions it may take stoke time adjusting and getting back to normal again and playing the way I was…

CG: Many thanks for the interview and your time Luke, much appreciated.

LH: Thanks for having me. 👍

Carter Guiney

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