MAD Darts (Modern Amateur Darts)

MAD Modern Amateur Darts

MAD Darts or Modern Amateur Darts is the latest incantation for the amateur darts scene.

Nicknamed MAD Darts for short, and founded by JDC chairman Steve Brown, it is an ambitious project aiming to step into the void left by the failing BDO.

MAD Darts (Modern Amateur Darts) aims to revolutionise the amateur darts game around the globe.

MAD Darts will offer all Open tournaments the chance to offer points for the MAD rankings.

Modern Amateur darts will cater for all amateurs not just the men’s game.

All here at Darts Mad wish Steve and all the MAD Darts team the very best of luck.

Modern Amateur Darts FAQ:


MAD Darts is dedicated to support and modernise local level darts for the amateur player.
MAD will bring a level of integration, excitement and an accessible ranking system never seen before to engage open event organisers, teams, captains, secretaries, local players and anyone interested in picking up a set of darts so they can easily integrate with any Darts Team or Open event and really enjoy the game.

MAD is happy to engage and work alongside all current darts organisations. MAD will work with players and events, investing its strategic knowledge and technology in the game at the local level.

Helping to create more opportunities for local players who may or may not want to move into the professional ranks.

By applying decades of local level darts experience and implementing cutting edge technology to revolutionise the amateur game, MAD will create the most transparent and united organisation that every dart player will be proud to be a member of.

MAD is based entirely around 2 ranking systems;

  1. The MAD Regional Championships ( LOCAL)
  2. The MAD Major Championships ( PREMIER EVENTS)

4 premier events are planned for the first year with all MAD Majors open to everyone to enter.


The MAD Regional Championships is a weighted ranking system giving all local level darts league players a great chance to qualify for their Local Region and Super Region, with a seamless live time league system.


MAD Major Championships will help all organisers of Darts Open events add value to each and every event they run, creating a buzz around the Global Darts Open Circuit as players chase points to qualify for the ultimate title of the MAD Darts World Champion.

By being part of MAD you can play your part in helping take the amateur darts world to levels other major sports enjoy.

MAD Regional Championships

  • 16 Distinct Super Regions – Franchises
  • 16 Regions in each Super Region – local league areas

Each local league depending on location will join the relevant local Region.

The league system breaks the UK up into 16 distinct Super Regions, each Super Region has 16 “regions” that each local league will attach too.

The MAD Regional Championships is a unique double ranking system that removes all the administrative nightmares of running local darts leagues allowing players to see exactly where they stand in both their local league and UK region.

The Super Region will be represented by the top 24 players (12 men & 12 women) from each Region within the super region based on their ranking from the 3 Regional Championship Events.

Each Local Regions top players will play as a team against the other local regional teams for the title of MAD Regional Champions.

In the last quarter of every year the top 24 players (12 Men & 12 Women) will be selected to play for their Super Region in the MAD Super Region Championships.

All Ranking Criteria can be viewed on our specific rankings page.

MAD World Ranking

The MAD World Ranking system will be the first mixed amateur ranking table ever, that allows every Open Event in any area of the World the chance to join a modern live ranking system which offers something for every man and woman playing darts.

The ranking system will award points to each player based on the level of prize money in each event, and any member of MAD will receive a world ranking. The top 64 players (Men and Ladies) Qualify for the MAD World Championships and details of other MAD Majors TBC.

Full details of the MAD World Ranking System will be viewable on our rankings page.

MAD World Ranking

  1. MAD World Championships ranking will run pro rata
  2. All players must be members of MAD to qualify
  3. MAD will Rank multiple Qualifying Open Events to compile the Ranking
  4. Rankings published live as results are confirmed and MAD members cross-checked
  5. Points will be awarded at Darts Events / Opens based on the prize structures:

Modern Amateur Darts FAQ’s

Q. Why did MAD start?
MAD darts was an idea that was developed by Steve Brown and a team of trusted and experienced professionals who were tired of the headaches that running local league darts brings with scraps of paper, texts, and results taking ages to be updated.

Q. Who can play in the MAD system?
Everyone and anyone over the age of 18Q.How will the Women’s rankings work? Leagues will not be specified as “Women Only” leagues but the MAD Regions will pick the top 12 Ranked women in each area to represent that Region, where there are not 12 ladies, ranked in the top 16.

Q. Has this not been done before?
Yes there have been several attempts by large tech companies to bring “Free Local League” Systems into darts and many other sports but all have fallen short of the intricate knowledge needed to actually add value using technology specifically designed for local-league dart players.

Q. What If my Local League is MAD registered but I do not want to be?
If your local league agrees to be MAD Registered you will need to pay £2.00 to be a member as this benefits the entire league, so they can get rapid results and save loads of administration time. We appreciate that some players may not wish to be part of MAD so we can remove your points from outside of your local league and not appear on the Regional Rankings.

Q. Will my local league have its own table?
Yes. Every local league that is set up by a League Secretary will form it’s own league where results and performance of individual players and the team can be seen at any time.

Q. Why are the 16 Super Regions separated as they are?
MAD needed to unite the UK into areas that had both rivalries within town areas to add to the excitement but then a shared goal at the end of the year when playing in the Super Regional Championships. The current county system run by the BDO offers something entirely different as we wanted leagues to be affiliated to the Region they feel most connection too, so players local games count for more than just the local league points. Breaking the UK up is a very tough job as there are so many local concerns. MAD will run a Boundary style review every year and we can update and re-classify areas where we get proper feedback.

Q. Isn’t this just another BDO or EDO set up?
No. The BDO and EDO are separate entities and have totally different ranking systems that are aimed at dart players ranking through the County Structure and BDO Invitational table. Owing to their structure they are disjointed in their approach to growing darts in the UK and operate at a different level from MAD.

Q. Can our Super-leagues be part of MAD?
Yes they can – all they need to do is register the league and the players and those scores will count for the Regional Championships.

Q. Can our County Team Count results towards MAD Rankings?
No they cannot sorry. County Teams only play monthly and are based on different selection criteria to MAD’s Weekly nominated local team system.

Q. I am in multiple dart teams and a Super league Team, do all my points count?
No. The MAD Regional Ranking is designed to be fair for every player no matter how much darts they play. Players will get the best points from the ONE Team they perform best for that week.

Q. We have Summer / Winter Leagues that are different. How does this work?
Each league would have to register for MAD membership then as long as the two leagues do not overlap your points will then count from both.

Q. Why do we have to pay to be a member?
The MAD system is built on a high-end tech platform that requires huge development costs and ongoing running costs that actually save players and leagues loads of time and hassle. MAD invests money back into local level darts and the World Championships, so local darts players can see the investment back into local darts.

Q. What if the Captain changes halfway through the season?
Any Captaincy change, Team Change etc would need to be approved by the League Secretary who can access and change all-league details online.

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