MAD Darts testimonials (Modern Amateur Darts)

Delighted to finally announce the launch of MAD. Four years after we wrote the Blueprint for amateur darts. We’ve got some amazing support:

Phil Taylor “About time, the amateur game has been crying out for a big change for decades. I’ve seen the blueprint, it’s a game changer. Well done to the MAD team.”

Raymond van Barneveld “What a fantastic blueprint MAD have come up with for amateur darts, this has been needed for many years, and I’m pleased that someone on a professional level is taking up the challenge of looking after amateur darts. MAD you have my full support on this fabulous project!”

Paul Nicholson “Using the MAD acronym is powerful because with this you challenge the traditional route to stardom, fame and prosperity. Some people would call that mad, but it is the correct way to move forward to challenge and rectify some of the games stereotypes, alongside maintenance of our sports future.”

Darryl Fitton “Having played on the BDO tour for many years, I’d lost faith in amateur darts and feared that there would no longer be a much-needed place for us to play. The blueprint that MAD have here will give the amateur game a new heartbeat. I’m so excited about this.”

Bobby George “The amateur game has been crying out for this now for over ten years, beforehand the amateur game was like a boat that had no wind in its sails, now MAD have put an engine on the boat. I love the plans MAD have for the amateur game and they have my full support. Well done all.”

Mark Webster “I came through the amateur system and fulfilled my dream of winning a world title. Sadly this side of the game has been in free fall for years with no leadership. Today is such a positive move forward for all amateur players across the UK. I’m over the moon to give MAD my backing to bring back the glory days to amateur darts.”