MAD Modern Amatuer Darts

MAD: Off and Running!

THE Modern Amateur Darts future of the sport has been unveiled and it includes a revolutionary sweet 16 regions.MAD released their first detailed blueprint of how this exciting new organisation could take over the mantle from the toiling BDO.

It’s the brains of current player Bristolian Steve Brown and has already received backing from legends Phil Taylor, Raymond van Barneveld, Bobby George and Darryl Fitton.

The new organisation is based entirely around two ranking systems; The MAD Regional Championships (local) and MAD Major Championships (premier events). Four premier events are planned for the first year.The MAD Regional Championships is a weighted ranking system giving all local level darts league players a great chance to qualify for their Local Region and Super Region, with a seamless live time league system.

MAD Major Championships will help all organisers of Darts Open events add value to each and every event they run, creating a buzz around the Global Darts Open Circuit as players chase points to qualify for the ultimate title of the MAD Darts World Champion.

Modern Amatuer Darts is up and running

There are 16 Distinct Super Regions – Franchises and 16 Regions in each Super Region – local league areas. Each local league depending on location will join the relevant local Region. The league system breaks the UK up into 16 distinct Super Regions, each Super Region has 16 “regions” that each local league will attach too.

The MAD Regional Championships is a unique double ranking system that removes all the administrative nightmares of running local darts leagues allowing players to see exactly where they stand in both their local league and UK region.

The blueprint reveals: “MAD Darts is dedicated to support and modernise local level darts for the amateur player. “MAD will bring a level of integration, excitement and an accessible ranking system never seen before to engage open event organisers, teams, captains, secretaries, local players and anyone interested in picking up a set of darts so they can easily integrate with any Darts Team or Open event and really enjoy the game.“

MAD is happy to engage and work alongside all current darts organisations. MAD will work with players and events, investing its strategic knowledge and technology in the game at the local level. “Helping to create more opportunities for local players who may or may not want to move into the professional ranks.

“By applying decades of local level darts experience and implementing cutting edge technology to revolutionise the amateur game, MAD will create the most transparent and united organisation that every dart player will be proud to be a member of.”

For more details of the new MAD blueprint keeping checking and their dedicated MAD area.