Steve Brown explains Modern Amateur darts

Steve Brown explains Modern Amateur Darts and how it came about.

The announcement last week of Modern Amateur Darts (MAD Darts) was met with excitement in many quarters. Understandably after the shambolic situation the BDO finds itself in, and the many broken promises players and tournaments have faced in recent years, some are taking the “wait and see” approach.

CEO Steve Brown has already proven his determination and ability to produce the goods with what he has done at the JDC. This drive and determination will hopefully see Modern Amateur Darts take the game to a new level.

About his reasoning to get involved Steve said the following:

“For me personally just watch the demise of the world championships last year and all the negativity surrounding it from my armchair and thought I could really do a better job than that.”

Steve Brown Modern Amateur Darts

Steve’s comments about the whole of the Amateur game are a huge boost to the sport if achieved as it won’t just be the men benefiting from MAD darts:

Steve Brown explains Modern Amateur darts

It’s a bold statement but MAD Darts promises to offer players more value and opportunities than they have ever had before!

Modern Amateur Darts offering players value